"It is not that hard as skateboard"

When did you start playing golf and why?
Arround 2008, I started hitting some balls with my friend Javier Sarmiento. After that I started to take it more seriously.

Your home golf club?
Larrabea golf club

Golf matters to me because ...
it is not that hard as skateboard, it relaxes me.

KING of GREENS for me is ...
a good way to meet people and have fun.

Looking forward to KING of GREENS 2015 because…
I love to travel with golf and get the opportunity to visit good courses around Europe

Best things to do in Berlin?
I've never been in Berlin

Best memories  of KING of GREENS 2014 (if you have participated)?
Play with Cabrera

Any message to the KING of GREENS Teams (Snow, Ski, Surf, Skate)?
Lets get fun


photo credits: Kévin Métallier & NIXON



Alain Goikoetxea

Date of Birth
April 11, 1977


Basque Country / Spain




Sk8mafia, Volcom, Vans, Nixon, Arnette, Independent, Type-S, Mosaic, Kako Skate Shop


Latest Career Highlight 2014/2015
Become father of a daughter