“It would be awesome to mingle with other action sports athletes!"

When did you start playing golf and why? 

...started when I was 13. My house is surrounded by golf courses so it was impossible not to try it! 


Best trick on and off the green? double 10 on snow, I can do a standing backflip on the golf course when I’ve chipped in!


Favorite home golf course?

…Meldrum house, TRUMP International and Aboyne Golf Clubs are awesome!


Golf is…

...a great contrast to action sports. I don’t feel like I’m risking my life every time I tee up so it’s a great wind down compared to Snowboarding. Always striving for a better scorecard!


Looking forward to KING of GREENS 2015 because…  

…It’s in Berlin this time! I love how we have visited different places around Europe to play golf! It’s also a great opportunity to meet some great athletes outside our usual hectic environment 


Best things to do in Berlin?

...I have no idea! I’ve never been but I do hope to drink some good german beer somewhere!


Best memories  of KING of GREENS 2014?

...I think the last putt in the playoff to clinch the win was something I will never forget! I haven’t been that nervous for a long time! Plus I had a beer straight after my round so was seeing double vision!


Any message to the KING of GREENS Teams (Snow, Ski, Surf, Skate)?  

... Looking forward to seeing some old friends and also look forward to meeting the new guys who will be attending their first KOG


Your career highlights 2014/2015?

...Broken Pelvis for the season!!Oooops!


Best moment of your career?

...2010 and 2014 Winter Olympics and Winner of KING OF GREENS ;)


photo credits: Ben Kilner



Ben Kilner

Date of Birth
August 21, 1988


Great Britain


Snowboard, Halfpipe



K2 snowboards, QTS group, Lazer, Thirty two, Granite Reef, Outdoor tech