"Stay in the now - Believe in yourself"

When did you start playing golf and why?
About 8 years ago ( at the age of 7 ) my grandfather took me to a golfcourse near by his home - and i got hooked right away with this sport! I was fed up of running after a yellow tennis-ball all the time (my mum used to be a professional tennis-player). So I decided to "walk" after a little white ball - after this point i finally discovered my hidden talent.

Your home golf club?
GC Mieminger Plateau, Tirol, Austria

Golf matters to me because ...
Competitive Golf is my passion - I can't imaging my life without this sport - There is always a new challenge. When you finally fixed a problem you already have to face another one. I mean how crazy is this. One day you play the best golf of your life, the next day you can't event "hit a golfball" or hole and important putt. But that's the thing - I love this sport because it pushes you to your mental limit. It's a never ending story!

KING of GREENS 2015 for me is ...
Great experience - a lot of fun and to meet up with other cool people living the same "sports-life".

Any message to your KING of GREENS competitors before hitting the green?
Stay in the now - Believe in yourself by Seve Ballesteros. I was lucky to meet this golf legend in person before he died way to young :(

Your career highlights?
Bronze medal at the European Girls Team Championship 2015
4th Place European Young Masters Championship U16 2012 - Hungary


photo credits: GEPA



Lea Zeitler

Date of Birth
November 24, 1997




Golf - #1 in Austria Ranking U16 / 2012


Mum & Dad