"Golf is supposed to be fun, even with a score card."

When did you start playing golf and why?
 I started playing Golf 1995 with my parents and entered one official tournament to get my obligatory Handicap to get on the course. 

Your home golf club?
 I mostly play when I am travelling

Golfmatters to me because ...
 It’s such a different type of sport to what i usually do.

KING of GREENS 2013 for me is ...
 A great get-together with friends and people I haven’t seen for a while.

Any message to your KING of GREENS competitors before hitting the green?
Golf is supposed to be fun, even with a score card.

Your career highlights?
Olympic Gold Medalist 1998, ISF World Cup, US Open, ISF World Tour Winner


photo credits: Portrait: Flo Jäger, Action: Cyril Mueller



Nicola Thost

Date of Birth
May 3, 1977




Snowboard Freestyle


Nitro, Volcom