"...meeting all the players and athletes of the Action Sports realm."

When did you start playing golf and why?
As a kid I started playing with my Dad when I was about 10.

Your current handicap?

Your home Golf Club?
Lake Conjola Lakeside, NSW, Australia

Best trick on and off the green?
I’m good at tricking myself into having loads of fun whenever possible, even if I really don’t need too.

Favorite place to play?
Anywhere with my mates

Your "Dream Flight"? Who would be with you on the green?
It would be pretty fun to play a round with Michael Jordan and Alice Cooper. I’d say in the Maldives or Tahiti so I could get a surf in before and/or after as well.

Golf is... 
The best worst game in the world. It’s so so good when it goes well, and so frustrating when it doesn’t. 

Looking forward to KING of GREENS 2014, because...
Of meeting all the players and athletes across the Action Sports realm.

Any messages to your KING of GREENS competitors before hitting the green?
Let’s Do This!! Looking forward to some fun on the course with everyone.


Photo credits: Josh Robinson (action), Bret Hemmings (profile)



Scotty Broome


Scotty Broome


Date of Birth

December 12th, 1984




Your Sport and Discipline


Latest Career Highlight 2013/14

5th 2012 Wake Park Worlds

3rd 2013 Tige’ European Trophy

Finalist 2014 Tige’ My Wake Global Championships

Finalist Wakestock 2014

Finalist UK Nationals 


Best Moment of your Career?

2nd in 2001 Planet X Games

2nd 2002 Jnr World Championships



(DUP) Double Up Wakeboards

 Tige’ Boats

 O’Neill Wetsuits and Clothing

 Cti by Ossur

 Hardline Accessories

 The Wench Winches