"Golf is driving me nuts sometimes, but I love it!"

When did you start playing golf and why?
I guess 2 years ago, a friend took me to the driving range and I got addicted. 

Your current handicap?

Your home Golf Club?
Diamond Country Club, Atzenbrugg

Best trick on and off the green?
The straight shot is my favorite trick on the green, haha. I like 360 flips at the moment, off the green. 

Favorite place to play?
Diamond Country Club

Your "Dream Flight"? Who would be with you on the green?
Will Ferrell, Dave Grohl, Lennox Grosic. 

Golf is... 
Driving me nuts sometimes! But I love it!  

Looking forward to KING of GREENS 2014, because...
...of great fun, good times with lots of interesting people. 

Any messages to your KING of GREENS competitors before hitting the green?



Senad Grosic


Senad Grosic


Date of Birth

February 19th, 1979




Your Sport and Discipline

BMX Freestyle 

Latest Career Highlight 2013/14

2nd place in Pannonian Challenge.


Best Moment of your Career?

2nd X-Games China.



Red Bull, Vans, HD-Drift, Denzel/Range Rover