"Meet me after for a drink!"

When did you start playing golf and why?
Around 3 years ago, my dad and brothers got into itand enlightened me into the fun sport.

Your home Golf Club?
Trent park London

Best trick on and off the green?
Chipping is fun !

Favorite place to play?

Your "Dream Flight"? Who would be with you on the green?
All my brothers.

Golf is... 
Awesome, fun, interesting, frustrating, peaceful, never ending. 

Looking forward to KING of GREENS 2015, because...
The king of greens will be a great way to meet other action sports persons like myself. As well as getting to play on a new and high standard corse, which is always a  good buzz.

Any messages to your KING of GREENS competitors before hitting the green?
Meet me after for a drink ;-)   If I ever Finnish that is.



Sparrow Knox


Sparrow Knox


Date of Birth

January 19th, 1994




Your Sport and Discipline

Freestyle Snowboarding 

Latest Career Highlight 2013/14

1st place at Shoreditch Showdown Rail Competition 


Best Moment of your Career?

Every day




Vans boots/Vans outerwear /Switchback bindings/ Lobster snowboards