"...stop laughing please."

When did you start playing golf and why?
I started playing golf in 2006, i believe. I was in Whistler at the driving range for an afternoon activity with the kids i was coaching over the summer at the High North Ski Camp.
I instantly had fun hitting the ball. 

Your home golf club? 

Golf matters to me because ...
It's a fun and relaxing way to ease your mind for a while from all other things in live. 

KING of GREENS for me is ...
a great event that brings awesome people from the action sports industry together to have a fun round of golf.

Any message to your KING of GREENS competitors before hitting the green?
Hey, i haven't played in years, so stop laughing please.

Your career highlights?
Vancouver Olympics 2010, Victory at 2012 World Cup Final.




Sven Kueenle

Date of Birth
November 30, 1983 






Bogner, Fischer, Evoc, Smith