KING of GREENS is the first and worldwide only international golf tournament for professional action sports athletes.

How and why do action sports and golf go together?

Many surfers, skateboarders, base jumpers, snowboarders, skiers and other adrenaline athletes are addicted to golf. Not only because golf is fun. For them it is the perfect balance to their adrenalin-charged daily business. Golf is partly systematically integrated into their training schedules to promote the ability to concentrate, mental stamina and psychological stability under pressure and to visualize complex movement sequences even more accurately. Many athletes have become rather ambitious in golf as well and are single-handicap players.

The invitation golf tournament is the perfect platform for merging the traditional game of golf with creative action sports disciplines. Athletes have an opportunity to meet each other as equals and prove their skills in a dissimilar discipline by crowning their KING, the best golfer among action sports athletes.


KING of GREENS uses action sports as a vehicle to transfer individuality, creativity and a contemporary lifestyle to golf – through personalities, that are the youth‘s heros, creative imagery and the innovative approach to media. The event is committed to living up to the individual lifestyle and mentality of the young generation, while paying tribute to the legacy of golf. It offers an international platform for young golfers and motivates the youth to get in touch with the game of golf.

Initiated by Sophie Gerl, Karin Lechner and Jan Folkard Willms the event had it’s successful premiere 2013 in Munich. The 2014’s battleground was London, linked to the prestigious BMW PGA Championships in Wentworth. In 2015 the event will take place in Berlin at the well known Nick Faldo course!

NINE&ONE  is the rights holder, markets the platform exclusively and is the overall responsible organizer of the event.